Connector Sleeves

FabCo Industrial Services manufactures connector sleeves in a variety of different types of fabric for a wide range of applications.

Connector sleeves flex constantly while in use and require a very limp (soft hand) fabric to insure good wear. Connecting sleeves used in transferring product between points where there is no substantial flex or motion work quite well with stiffer materials.

Abrasion resistance and operating temperature are also considerations when choosing a sleeve fabric.  Please see the Fiber Reference Chart below.

In order to supply our customers with the correct sleeve, the following  information should be provided to our sales staff:

– Fabric type.

– Physical dimensions (length, width, diameter, circumference).

– Extras (shock cord, elastic, hanger loop, etc.).

– Application (filtration system, type of dust particle, etc.).

– Quantity.

All sleeves manufactured by FabCo  are available with a variety of options such as:

Shock Cord
Usually sewn inside hems, shock cord is a very reliable elastic cord.

An alternative to shock cords.

Normally sewn inside hems, drawstrings can be used to secure sleeves to spouts and orifices.

Ground Wires
Sewn down the length of sleeves, ground wires can be used to conduct static electricity away from explosive environments.

Fabric selection is the key to ordering a durable, long-lasting sleeve.

Media Fiber Content Weight CFM Temperature
Victor Nylon 100% Nylon 14.9 oz 4 200 F continuous


275 F max

Nylon Sateen 100% Nylon 5.4 oz 20-25 200 F continuous


250 F max

Rubber Coated Nylon Neoprene w/Nylon backing 20 oz 0 150 F continuous


250 F max


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