Products List

Below is our product list:

  • Airlaid forming wires
  • Baghouse controls and valves
  • Baghouse / Dust collector controls
  • Baghouse / Dust collector inspections
  • Baghouse / Dust collector replacement parts
  • Baghouse / Dust collector retrofitting
  • Baghouse / Dust collector services
  • Baghouse maintenance & change out services
  • Baghouse replacement blow pipes
  • Bakery filters and sleeve products
  • Biomass fuel filters
  • Bulk and powder filter bags
  • Coal burning filters
  • Dust collector pleated bags and filter elements
  • Dust collector replacement filter bags
  • Dust collector replacement filter cartridges
  • Filter belts
  • Filtration products
  • High temp filters
  • Industrial Filtration Products
  • Liquid filter bags
  • Meltblown forming wires
  • Membrane filters
  • New baghouse / Dust Collectors
  • Nonwoven processing belts
  • Paint filter cartridges
  • Paper machine dryer fabrics
  • Paper machine forming fabrics
  • Paper machine forming wires
  • Power plant filters
  • Pulp processing belts
  • Replacement filter belts
  • Screening belt
  • Sludge belts

Warranty Information

FabCo Industrial Services hereby Warrants that the goods sold pursuant hereto shall be free from defects in manufacturing, processing, seller provided design, assembly and workmanship, shall conform to the specification, if any, set forth, and are free of liens, security interests and other encumbrance existing in favor or others and created by seller.

Warranty claims must be made in writing to  Upon receipt of authorization from FabCo Industrial Services, the parts claimed to be defective must be returned.  FABCO will repair or replace any defective components and will return the repaired or replaced item without charge.  This warranty does not extend to items that have been subject to misuse, neglect, physical alteration, accidents, improper installation or maintenance and normal wear.  FabCo Industrial Services will ship replacement parts under this warranty at its expense.

All custom made items are considered final sales.  In that these items are made to your sizes and specification, they are truly custom, not usable by any other company.  We will not accept the item for return.

FabCo Industrial Services Purchases

If purchased from FabCo Industrial Services, buyer assumes responsibility for purchasing the correct filter/part for the application.  FabCo Industrial Services makes every effort to ensure validity of specifications and education materials.  Filters/Parts purchased from FabCo Industrial Services are subject to a 15% restocking fee.