About Us

About FabCo Industrial Services

Marge and Michael Edwards started up an industrial laundry in 1988. When Michael was out on a sales call, he was asked if we could clean some filter bags. We tried it and that’s how we initially started in the filter bag business.

During this time we also cleaned and repaired processing belts and forming fabrics for the paper and nonwovens industries. This part of the business came about almost the same way – a customer request.

Filter Bags

We sold off our industrial laundry in 2001 and moved the cleaning and repairing processing belts and forming fabrics to a different location. In 2002, we started manufacturing our own line of filter bags. Automation brought down the price of new filter bags. The washing of a bag and the labor to change them was more since washed bags need to be changed more often.

Not long after that, Michael took a Baghouse/Dust Collector training course with ETSI in Virginia. This gave me a much better understanding of how baghouses operate.

The Start Of Our Own Service Crew

We then added our own service crew and started doing baghouse dye testing and inspections, and change out service. With the help of our Technical College, we started an apprentice program for Journeyman Millwright Dust Collector Maintenance.

The skills our apprentice learns through the apprentice program are used every day. Skills include safety, air flow, dust collector design, filter media, welding, autocad, electrical systems, machine and equipment maintenance, repairs – all types bearing, belts and chains, hydrolic/pneumatic pumps, valves, cylinders and preventative maintenance inspection training. On the job training and school training consists of more than 15,000 hours and takes 4 years.

2004 - Present

In 2004, we started our first filter cartridge line and we started a second line in 2008.

Our service side of the business has been in high demand and we have added more service people to fill your company’s needs. We updated FabCo’s website this year in order to show most of our products and services. If you don’t see it here, drop us an e-mail.