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FabCo Industrial Services is your local source for baghouse filters, including shaker bags, RF-Torit bags, pulse jet bags, and more. We proudly provide the Fox Cities and beyond with filters to help minimize and reduce dust collection in your baghouse systems. Contact us to find out more information about our products and services!

Choosing the correct baghouse filter is important for maximizing performance, extending filter life, reducing system downtime, and saving money. With numerous baghouse filter fabrics and treatment options available, it’s essential to select the best fit for your specific application.

At Fabco Industrial Services, we offer customized solutions rather than just providing the same old filters repeatedly. We supply replacement baghouse filters for most makes and models and will provide recommendations on best fabric/finish combinations or conversions to bag/cage styles, etc.


    Different Types of Baghouses & Baghouse Filters

    There are three types of baghouses: shaker discharge, reverse air, and pulse jet. All three types function by pulling a vacuum through a filter media. The filter media collects solid particles until a dust cake forms. Once this dust cake is established, and assuming the correct media and conditions are in place, the discharged air or gas will be free of particles within acceptable limits.

    It’s important to note that the filter bag itself does not perform the filtration in a dust collector. Instead, either the initial dust cake or a precoat captures fine particles. Read more here about what are baghouse filters and how they work.

    Filter Bag Shaker Bag


    Shaker dust collectors are among the earliest types of baghouse systems and remain popular in smaller sawmills. These systems often feature a large bag fitting over a 55-gallon drum, with bag lengths ranging from 10 to 20 feet. A rope and pulley mechanism at the top of the bag allows operators to shake the bag, breaking apart the dust cake inside for easy discharge.

    Tubular shaker collectors, common in cement plants, use polyester sateen weave fabric bags. These bags vary from 3 to 12 inches in diameter and 2 to 14 feet in length. Compartments can hold a few to hundreds of bags, with multiple compartments often connected to the same dust stream. This design allows for continuous filtration while cleaning.

    Filter Bag Pulse Jet

    Pulse Jet

    Developed in the 1960s, pulse jet dust collectors build a dust cake on the outside of fabric filters. A blowpipe above the bags in the clean air plenum delivers a jet of air to each bag in rows of 6-10 tubes. A venturi seated within the open end directs the pulse into the bag for even cake discharge.

    Each fabric bag has a wire cage inside to prevent collapse during filtration while the bag is under vacuum. The top of each bag connects to its cage and cell plate with a snap band, bolt-on flange, or hose clamp. The bottom of the bag is typically a flat disc, sometimes with a wear strip to prevent abrasion from one bag rubbing against another and forming a hole.

    Filter Bag RF-Torit


    RF-Torit bags are a popular choice in industrial dust collection systems, known for their efficiency and durability. These bags are designed to handle high dust loads and provide superior filtration performance.

    In baghouse systems, the dust-laden air enters the baghouse and passes through the bags. The dust particles are captured on the outside surface of the bags, forming a dust cake that enhances filtration efficiency.

    Periodically, a reverse air or pulse-jet cleaning mechanism is activated to dislodge the dust cake, allowing it to fall into a collection hopper below. This self-cleaning feature ensures that the bags maintain optimal performance without frequent manual intervention.

    Replacement Baghouse Filters for Any Industry

    • Asphalt – Our filters are designed to withstand the abrasive and high-temperature environments of asphalt production. Whether for hot mix or batch plants using natural gas, waste oil, or fuel oil, we supply replacement filters compatible with OEMs like Astec, Gencor, and Standard-Havens.
    • Cement – We offer filters for all areas of a cement plant, including kiln baghouses, silo bin vents, and nuisance dust collection. Our filters exceed all EPA emissions standards (NESHAP, CMAT, MACT for Portland cement, PM2.5, etc.) and are compatible with dust collectors from ABB/Flakt, Flexkleen, FLS/Fuller, Mikropul, Norblo, Redecam, Solios, and other OEMs.
    • Chemical – Our filter fabrics are suitable for handling acidic or alkaline compounds and other corrosive or abrasive elements found in chemicals like lime, calc, fertilizer, and plastics. We offer special treatments and fabrics and can recommend the best combination for optimal performance and cost-efficiency.
    • Food Processing – We provide FDA-approved food-grade fabric filters for dust collectors used in food production, transportation, and packaging. Our filters are ideal for dust collectors on milling equipment, blenders, mixers, granulators, grain elevators, storage silos, and more.
    • Foundry and Metal Products – Our filters are designed for use in arc/induction furnaces, casting operations, and precious metal reclamation. We offer fabrics and coatings that withstand high temperatures and provide high-efficiency fume and smoke collection. Our filters fit major OEMs like Amerex, Norblo, and Wheelabrator.
    • Power Generation and Industrial Boilers – Our filters exceed the latest EPA emissions regulations for boilers and power generation, including Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, Boiler MACT, and NESHAPs. We have extensive experience with biomass and coal power production facilities, helping them meet new EPA regulations. Our filter fabrics and treatments include PPS, P84, PTFE/Teflon (fabric), fiberglass, and ePTFE membrane.
    • Wood, Sand, Minerals – FabCo Industrial Services provides specialized filters for dust collectors used in the wood, sand, and minerals industries. These applications often require filters with flame-resistant coatings or construction from nonflammable materials to ensure safety and efficiency.

    Choose the Right Baghouse Filter for Optimal Performance

    Selecting the right baghouse filter is crucial for efficient system performance. The wrong filter can lead to inefficiency, excess emissions, and damage to system components. The correct filter maximizes performance, extends filter life, and reduces downtime, ultimately saving you money. Ensuring proper filter selection and installation is essential.

    Not Sure Which Baghouse Filter You Need?

    FabCo Industrial Services offers free technical analysis and consultation to help you get the most out of your filters. Our experts can guide you in selecting the best filter for your application. Contact us today for a free quote or to arrange a visit from one of our dust collection specialists to identify areas for improvement in your operation.

    Filter Fabrics and Finishes

    Max. Continuous Operating Temperature 170°F (77°C) 265°F (130°C) 275°F (135°C) 375°F (190°C) 400°F (204°C) 356–500°F (180–260°C) 500°F (260°C) 500°F (260°C)
    Abrasion Excellent Good Excellent Good Excellent Fair Fair Good
    Energy Absorption Good Good Excellent Good Good Good† Fair† Good
    Filtration Properties Good Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
    Moist Heat Excellent Excellent Poor Good Good Good Excellent Excellent
    Alkalines Excellent Fair Fair Excellent Good Fair Fair Excellent
    Mineral Acids Excellent Good Fair Excellent Fair Good Poor†† Excellent
    Oxygen (15%+) Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

    †Sensitive bag-to-cage
    ††Fair with chemical- or acid-resistant finishes
    †††Must oversize bag for shrinkage above 450°F (232°C)


    Non-Fiberglass ePTFE Membrane For capture of fine particulate, improved filtration efficiency, cake release, and air flow capacity Polyester, Aramid, Acrylic, Polypropylene (felt and woven), P84, PPS, Teflon/PTFE
    Singe Recommended for improved cake release Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Aramid, PPS, P84 (felts)
    Glaze/Eggshell Provides short-term improvements for cake release (may impede air flow) Polyester, Polypropylene (felts)
    Silicone Aids initial dust cake development and provides limited water repellency Polyester (felt and woven)
    Flame Retardant Retards combustibility (not flame-proof) Polyester, Polypropylene (felt and woven)
    Acrylic Coatings (Latex Base) Improved filtration efficiency and cake release (may impede air flow in certain applications) Polyester and Acrylic felts
    PTFE Penetrating Finishes Improved water and oil repellency; limited cake release Polyester, Aramid (felt), PPS
    Acid Resistant Helps shield glass yarn from acid attack to extend life Polyester, Aramid, Acrylic, Polypropylene (felt and woven), P84, PPS, Teflon/PTFE
    Oleophobic Improves resistance to oils and moisture Polyester, Aramid, Acrylic, Polypropylene (felt and woven), P84, PPS, Teflon/PTFE

    Fiberglass Finishes

    ePTFE Membrane For capture of fine particulate, improved filtration efficiency, cake release, and air flow capacity Cement/lime kilns, incinerators, coal-fired boilers, cupola, ferrosilica/alloy furnace
    Silicone, Graphite, ePTFE Protects glass yarns from abrasion, adds lubricity Coal-fired boilers, carbon black, incinerators, cement, industrial, and boiler applications
    Acid Resistant Helps shield glass yarn from acid attack to extend life Coal-fired boilers, carbon black, incinerators, cement, industrial, and boiler applications
    ePTFE (bath) Provides enhanced fiber-to-fiber resistance to abrasion and limited chemical resistance Industrial and utility base load boilers under mild pH conditions, cement and lime kilns
    Blue Max CRF-70** Improved acid resistance, reduces fiber-to-fiber abrasion, resistant to alkaline attack, improved fiber encapsulation Coal-fired boilers (high & low sulfur) peak load utilities, boilers, carbon black, incinerators

    Baghouse Wear Parts

    Multi-Pocket Dust Bags Valves and Controls
    Plenum Type Dust Bags Venturis, Cups
    Cartridge Filters Dust Collector Parts
    Air Intake Elements Diaphragms and Repair Kits =
    Pulse Jet Dust Bags Hardware
    Reverse Air Dust Bags Sonic Horns
    Shaker Dust Bags Bag Precoat
    Pleated Bags Shaker Screens
    Fabric Rolled Goods Stainless Steel Ground Wires
    Bin Vent Dust Bags Timer Boards
    Stainless Steel Grounding Clamps Differential Pressure Gauges
    Connector Sleeves Leak Detection Powder
    Wire Cages and Retainers Black Lights
    Stainless Bag Clamp Rings Dust Bag Analysis Service
    Bag Retainers Baghouse Analysis Service
    Filter Frames Baghouse Maintenance Seminars
    Solenoids and Repair Kits
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