Connector Sleeves

Connector Sleeves

Obtaining a quality, long lasting sifter or connecting sleeve begins with fabric selection. FABCO Ind. stocks a variety of different types of fabric for a wide range of applications.

Sifter sleeves flex constantly while in use and require a very limp (soft hand) fabric to insure good wear. Stiff fabrics tend to crack and fail under applications such as vibratory and/or gyratory sifters and are not suitable for these tasks. Connecting sleeves used in transferring product between points where there is no substantial flex or motion work quite well with stiffer materials.

Abrasion resistance and operating temperature are also considerations when choosing a sleeve fabric.

In order to supply our customers with a properly manufacture sleeve, the following criteria should be provided to our sales staff:

  • Fabric type (listed below, or otherwise specified)
  • Physical dimensions (length, width, diameter and circumference)
  • Accouterments (shock cord, elastic, support rings, etc.)
  • Quantity

All sleeves manufactured by FABCO Ind. are available with a variety of options such as:

Shock Cord

Sewn inside hems, shock cord is a very reliable elastic cord. Installed at 75% of the specified sleeve diameter, shock cord can be used to secure non-stressed sleeves to spout openings without the need for clamps or other fasteners.


An alternative to shock cords.


Sewn inside hems, drawstrings can be used to secure sleeves to spouts and orifices.

Ground Wires

Sewn down the length of sleeves, ground wires can be used to conduct static electricity away from explosive environments.

Sleeves can also be manufactured double thickness, tapered, angled or rectangular with hems of any length as specified by our customers. Please inquire about custom sleeves and options not listed.

Sleeve Fabrics

Fabric selection is the key to ordering a durable, long-lasting sleeve. Recommended application can be found after each fabric description. These are suggested uses only, as each fabric is well suited for many applications not listed.

Victor Nylon

  • Fiber Content: 100% Nylon
  • Weight: 15- ounces/square yard
  • Permeability: 4 CFM @ 0.5’’ water gauge
  • Temperature Range: 200 F contin., 275 F MAX
  • Notes: Very soft hand, well suited for sifter applications.

Nylon Sateen

  • Fiber Content: 100% Nylon
  • Weight: 5.4-ounces/square yard
  • Permeability: 20-25 CFM @ 0.5’’ water gauge
  • Temperature Range: 200 F contin., 250 F MAX
  • Notes: Slick fabric suited for use as transfer and load-out sleeves requiring high abrasion resistance.

RCN (Rubber Coated Nylon)

  • Fiber Content: Neoprene w/Nylon backing
  • Weight: 20-ounces/ square yard
  • Permeability: 0 CFM @ 0.5’’ water gauge
  • Temperature Range: 150 F contin., 250 F MAX
  • Notes: Very pliable soft rubber coated on a two-way stretch nylon backing. Popular uses include sifter sleeves, load-out and transfer sleeves etc.

18oz Nylon Twill

  • Fiber Content: Nylon / Twill
  • Weight: 18-ounces/square yard
  • Permeability:
  • Temperature Range:
  • Notes: Similar to Victor Nylon; heavier with a 2×2 RH Twill