Filter Cartridges / Pleated Bags

Filter Cartridges / Pleated Bags

FabCo Industrial Services manufacturers premium replacement filter cartridges and pleated bag filters for every major dust collector manufacturer. Below is a list of some OEM’s we are currently making:

Cartridge Filter
  • AAF
  • Aercology
  • Air Flow Systems
  • Diversi-Tech
  • Donaldson
  • Dustex
  • Farr
  • Flex-Kleen
  • Mac
  • Mikropul
  • Nordson
  • Pneumafil
  • Steelcraft
  • Torit
  • United Air Systems
  • Wheelabrator

Filter Cartridge Types

  • Tops – round, oval, flanged, rectangular
  • Bottoms – open, closed, closed with bolt hole
  • Cores – metal or plastic (all cartridges have inner cores)
  • Outer – metal, 2 polyester bands, 3 polyester bands, nylon wrap
Cartridge Area

*FabCo Industrial Services is an aftermarket supplier only. We are not in any way affiliated with the OEM Manufacturers listed. Manufacturer’s names are for reference only.

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