Pleated Filter Bags

Pleated Filter Bags

Are you looking to enhance your current filtration system with a cost-effective and high-efficiency solution? Look no further than FabCo Industrial Services’ line of Pleated Filter Bags.

Our pleated filter bags offer numerous benefits, starting with increased dust collector efficiency and lower differential pressure, which ensures cleaner air and reduced energy consumption.

This improved filtration efficiency allows your system to operate at peak performance, leading to higher production rates and better overall output. Additionally, our filters provide a significantly enhanced air-to-cloth ratio, offering 2-3 times more airflow compared to traditional filters. This results in greater airflow and improved filtration efficiency.

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The Advantages of Pleated Filtration Media

Pleated filtration media offers several advantages over traditional filter media. The pleats significantly increase the filter’s surface area, enabling lower air-to-cloth ratios within the same space. The layers of deep pockets made from woven fabric allow for higher dust retention rates. Furthermore, due to their shorter overall lengths, pleated filter bags remain above the inlet gas stream, reducing abrasion from incoming dust particles. These pleated bags are designed to replace fabric bag filters and cages in many dust collectors.

Often, pleated filters can be adapted to fit most existing baghouses without requiring extensive redesigns. They are easily mounted into various size cell plates for both top and bottom load dust collectors.

Pleated Bags

Benefits of Choosing Pleated Filter Bags

Designed for durability, our pleated filter bags have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated costs. The robust design minimizes wear and tear, protecting the filters from damage and ensuring consistent performance.

  • Increased Efficiency & Lower Differential Pressure
  • Higher Production Output
  • More Air to Cloth Ratio (2-3 times more)
  • Longer Lasting Filters
  • Reduced Filter Abrasion
  • Eliminate the need for Cages
  • Lower Maintenance Cost – Less Down Time – Easier Installation

Pleated Filter Bags Information

Here’s an overview of the style and center cores, filter media, and standard pleat counts and heights. Contact our team for more information!

Style & Center Cores
  • Top Load & Bottom Load
  • Expanded Galvanized Metal & Polypropylene
Filter Media
  • 100% Polyester Spunbond (Standard)
  • 100% Polyester Spunbond Oleophobic (Water & Oil Repellent)
  • 100% Polyester Spunbond PTFE
  • PPS Pleatable Felt
Standard Pleat Counts & Heights
  • 35 pleats – 45 pleats – 60 pleats
  • 22″ – 42″ – 57″ – 81″ OAL
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Why Choose Pleated Filter Bags from FabCo?

Our innovative design eliminates the need for filter cages, simplifying both installation and maintenance processes. This user-friendly approach leads to reduced downtime and easier installation, resulting in significant savings on maintenance costs.

Upgrade to FabCo Industrial Services‘ pleated filter bags and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved performance for your filtration system.