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We are a trusted local resource for baghouse filters and filter cartridges in Neenah, WI. Our team is proud to supply high quality replacement baghouse filters (pulse jet, shaker, cartridge, or reverse-air style dust).

The FabCo team focuses on supplying filters to you to help improve your operation and reduce your overall operating costs. Contact our team for more information today.


Baghouse filters (also called fabric filters, envelope filters, jet filters, or sock filters) are designed for using for baghouse-style dust collectors. Selecting the right baghouse filters for your systems is essential for optimizing performance, extending filter life, minimizing system downtime, and reducing costs. At FabCo Industrial Services, we have several baghouse filter options available.

Let our team provide you with a free technical analysis and consultation to ensure you are maximizing the efficiency of your baghouse filters. Questions? Contact FabCo today!

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Filter Cartridges


Cartridge air filters are vital components of cartridge-style industrial dust collectors. These systems draw dust-laden air into the collector, where it passes through cylindrical cartridge filters. As the air flows through, dust particles are captured on the exterior surface of the filters.

A pulse-jet cleaning mechanism then removes the accumulated dust, ensuring the filters maintain consistent airflow. The dislodged dust is collected for proper disposal or recycling. At FabCo, our quality cartridge filters enhance the performance and longevity of your dust collection system.

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Safety in our business must be a part of EVERY operation, and EVERY FabCo employee’s responsibility. FabCo Industrial Services employees comply with the State and Federal safety regulations by participating in annual safety training conducted on site at our facility. This training emphasizes recognition, avoidance and prevention of safety hazards on the work site.

About FabCo

Founded in 1988, the team at FabCo Industrial Services initially served customers by cleaning and repairing filter bags, processing belts, and also forming fabrics for paper and nonwovens industries throughout the Fox Valley area. In 2004, we branched out by starting our first filter cartridge line. We started a second line later in 2008. Today, FabCo continues to focus on providing quality baghouse filters and filter cartridges as well as other products and services.

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